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My Story

As a Grand Prix dressage rider, I have dedicated my life to mastering the art of dressage, and I am now on the cusp of achieving my dream of representing Italy on the world stage.

My journey towards Olympic qualification has been marked by dedication, perseverance, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. To secure my place in the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics, I am seeking sponsorship from visionary individuals and organizations who recognize the value of supporting dedicated athletes striving for greatness.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."
– Helen Keller 
The Why

Unlike other sports, my dance partner is a 1200 lb Andalusian horse, and while stunningly beautiful, he and my life goal come with a hefty price tag for competitions, care, training, and travel for the Olympic qualifications and competitions. 


I have learned over the course of my life that the really big dreams, Olympic-level dreams, require a team. And with your support, this dream can come true. 

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Join My Team

While there are larger sponsorship packages below, any support you can provide will take me one step closer to making my dreams a reality, and I want you to come on this journey with me! By sponsoring me, you'll get exclusive behind the scenes footage, live streams, and updates from this adventure.


Click the button below to access a Go Fund Me page to show your support.

Benefits of Sponsorship

By sponsoring my journey to the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics, you will not only be supporting a dedicated athlete but also investing in a powerful marketing opportunity with a global reach.

Brand Exposure

Your brand will be prominently displayed on my attire, at International dressage shows, and social media channels, reaching a global audience.

VIP Access

Enjoy exclusive access to the world of dressage, including major competitions and behind-the-scenes experiences.

Positive Brand Association

Align your brand with the values of dedication, discipline, and excellence that are synonymous with Olympic-level athletes.

Community Engagement

Be part of a community of equestrian enthusiasts who share a passion for excellence and sportsmanship.


Sponsorship Packages 

Sponsorship Packages:
  • Supporter Sponsorship - Up to $19,999
    • Monthly video update on my progress and achievements

    • Live feed from Florida International Dressage Competitions


  • Bronze Sponsorship - $20,000+
    • Monthly mention on social media and website

    • Weekly updates on my progress and achievements


  • Silver Sponsorship - $100,000+
    • All benefits from Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels

    • Weekly mention/sponsored post on social media and website

    • Named sponsor of a dedicated training video series

    • Featured in press releases and media interviews

    • Invitation to exclusive training sessions and events


  • Gold Sponsorship - $250,000+
    • All benefits from previous levels

    • Personal appearances at your corporate events

    • Co-branding opportunities for promotional materials

    • Personalized meet-and-greet events with your company's executives and employees

    • Customized content and engagement opportunities on social media platforms

    • VIP access to major FEI competitions, including the Olympics*

  • Diamond Sponsorship - $500,000+
    • All benefits from previous levels

    • Tailored sponsorship package designed to meet your specific marketing goals

    • Opportunities for cross-promotions and co-branded campaigns

    • Exclusive branding on competition horse's saddle pad

    • VIP access to major FEI competitions, including the Olympics*

    • Customized events, experiences, and collaborations to maximize your brand exposure

    • Naming rights on future competition horses*

    • Olympic training center naming rights*

For more information, complete the form below or reach out to me directly at (214) 548-3411. 

Let's Talk

Please reach out if you'd like to learn more about my journey or discuss a customized sponsorship package. 

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